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Please share with us why and how you joined Ogame

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Please share with us why and how you joined Ogame

Post by Stardango on Tue Oct 18, 2011 12:53 pm

Please share with us why and how you joined Ogame give a description of your life so far in ogame.

This topic is use in the "Brotherhood of Nod Forum" I thought you guys would enjoy it.

Post your recolections below!


I was introduced to ogame by my next door
friend, he was over working from "Poland" he gave me some tips on how to
set up an account: At that time i was a graphics junkie, and loved Xbox
play, but for a strange reason I now play ogame 95% of the time , xbox
seldom on, i think i like the human interaction in ogame.
My first
ever account was in 2008, in universe 38 with the zen, i have been in
ten alliances and created 9 alliances, had to give up ogame for a year
as i was very unwell, however i returned to it with a new zeal, creating
a new alliance called "TT Rule" Kingdom Alliance in universe io and
also uni 35. rejoined "Zen" alliance to find i had a page dedicated to
me in my absence, I was made a leader, and created two new chapters for
them, universe Hydra & uni 22, I have admin accounts in uni
Andromeda and the new Pioneer server uni "Oden" I have an account in uni
43 under a new name and part of an alliance, i created their forum and i
administer it.

I will be with ogame for a long time to come,
and should i get unwell again, i will just long-term v mode, and then
return healed, no rash deleting like i did in the past.

If ogame gets tiring and tedious, just rest for a month curiosity and belonging always makes you return.

Kind Regards

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Re: Please share with us why and how you joined Ogame

Post by Dmaster96 on Wed Oct 19, 2011 12:12 am

My older brother was showen ogame by his teacher which was odd and he told me about it beacuse I was much much more in to strategic games and he thought he could show me up in it did it work no I pass him in the ranking system I was in the top 500 he was in the 1000-800 lol showed him up But that account is no more (forgot the log and stop playing it for nine mouths)

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Re: Please share with us why and how you joined Ogame

Post by Moeiii on Wed Oct 19, 2011 12:27 am

I started out back in 07 in uni 8 then made another account in uni 18. Didnt even know what dark matter was lol. But my friend in school showed it to me and basically all the school started playing it, it was nice to be cool at 12 lol. But we got into an argument and a bunch of fights "on game lol" so i got abandoned in 8 got crashed 2 months later after working everyone by myself. It was a very interesting time, and now i see i could do a lot of stuff much much better and more efficiently. So lets see how this is gonna turn out Smile btw i used to be called Baron in 8 im trying to get that name going again lol

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Re: Please share with us why and how you joined Ogame

Post by IMADV8 on Sat Oct 22, 2011 5:41 am

I originally started playing OGame in October 2005 with a group of online friends called Dark Tower, after the dead GameFAQs board on which we originally met. We had an alliance in universe 9, then expanded to 10 and 11 when they opened up. We all got bored and quit in early 2006. This is our former alliance forum.

In June 2008 I got a job with internet access and a lot of downtime. At the same time, several of the Dark Tower crew decided to give OGame another shot. So we started the Dark Tower Foundation alliance in universe 38, which had recently opened. Within a few months the other Dark Tower members grew bored and quit, leaving me. I recruited around 15 new members, and kept playing. Soon afterward, we allied with Zen. In late September 2008, Lord Vader, leader of Zen at that time, offered to merge our two alliances. I agreed, taking on a leadership role in Zen in the process.

Sometime in early 2009, I started the universe 43 chapter of Zen. Later that year, I quit OGame entirely, partly due to disappointment over losing my universe 38 fleet, and partly due to a desire to regain the vast amount of free time I'd been putting into the game. Since then I've remained marginally active here on the forum, assisting with various administration duties here and there, but that's about it.

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Re: Please share with us why and how you joined Ogame

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