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Raid in violation of NAP (Universe 43)

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Raid in violation of NAP (Universe 43)

Post by subsailor on Sun Feb 27, 2011 4:18 pm

As you may know, Lthunder2004 was attacked by former THORNS member
Raiden. At the time, Raiden was still in THORNS, and thus violated our
NAP (which is now a full alliance).

The raid cost Lthunder2004 Metal 70,000, Crystal 126,000, and Deuterium
27,000 (total of resources plundered plus resources lost from destroyed
fleets/defenses, plus a penalty for breaking the NAP). Raiden was
reprimanded sternly by the THORNS leadership and was instructed to repay
this amount of resources to Lthunder2004.

Raiden removed himself from THORNS and went into v-mode, indicating his
unwillingness to pay his debt. His homeworld is 1:32:4, however I'm not
aware of the location of any other colonies. He is ranked #824
currently. I have asked the THORNS leaders if they can supply any
further details of his strengths, locations, or other information.

When he comes out of v-mode, I suggest a coordinated hit to teach him a
lesson. Even if he fleetsaves and hides resources, let's turn his
defenses to dust and cost him as much as possible! THORNS is on board
with this, the only thing holding us back is vacation mode. Keep an eye
on him, and let's make him hurt!

Robert Schumacher

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