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To all members in the Hydra Universe , Alliance ZEN Angelic Angels Chapter!

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To all members in the Hydra Universe , Alliance ZEN Angelic Angels Chapter!

Post by Stardango on Fri Mar 11, 2011 9:30 am

To all members in the Hydra Universe , Alliance "ZEN Angelic Angels" Chapter!

May I remind all Hydra Alliance members that we have our own section within the ZEN forum, I would like all team members to use this section, I see from the forum recorded hits, that some members look into the forum on a regular basis, but fail to look in the hydra sub section, may i ask all members to try and use it more frequently,

Further to this if any Zen member wishes access to the hydra section, please pm me with a request to join it and give a valid reason why you wish to do this!

However i see no reson why you cant!

I look forward to more particapation in the sub forum, If you want added to the Hydra sub forum, just post below or pm me ok

Kind Regards


Stardango ( Davy From Scotland )

I am a "ZEN" Leader and forum Master (administration) Skipe Address : dgowans1

In universe: 20, 35, 44,Andromeda,Jupiter

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